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Фармакология Bones of foot, structure, joints of bones of the foot. Arches of the foot and mechanisms strengthening arches of the foot. Flat food.
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Tarsus formed by short 7 spongiform bones:

-1)talus( have corpus tali, collum tali, trochea tali, processus lateralis and posterior tali)

-2)сalcaneus(sustentaculum tali ,sulcus calcanei ,sinus tarsi, tuberis calcanei)

-3)os naviculare( tuberositas ossis navicularis)

4.5.6)ossa cuneiformia(os cuneiforme mediale, intermedium and laterale)

7) os cuboideum

Metatarsus( ossa metatarsalia, basis corpus,caput tuberositas, ossis metatarsalis)

Phalanges digitorum pedis consist of 3 phalanges exept first finger (tuberositas phalanges distalis)

38.The ankle joint: structure of bones of the foot. Shape, function ,biomechanics and blood supply of the joint. Muscles moving the joint, their arterial and nerve supply lymphatic drainage.

Art. talocruralis formed the articular surfaces of the lower ends of both tibia.Nutrition : rete malleolare and laterale forming by the a.tibialis posterior and arteria peronea; vv.tibialis anterioris, vv. Tibiales posteriors, v peronea; nodi lymphatici poplitei. Supply: n. tibialis and n. peroneus profundus.


-lig.talofibulare anterius and posterior

-lig. calcaneofibulare posterius

Articulationes intertarseae distinguish 4 joint

-art subtalaris

-art talocaneonavicularis

-art calcaneocuboidea

-art cuneonavicularis

Art. tarsometatarseathe bones of the second row with the tarsal metatarsal bones.

Dorsal muscle

-M. extensor digitorum brevis

Muscles of medial group

-m.abductor hallucis

-m.flexor hullucis brevis

-m.adductor hallucis

Muscles of lateral part

-m. abductor digiti minimi

-m.flexor digiti minimi brevis

Muscles of middle group

-m. flexor digitorum brevisbase of the s

-m.quadratus plantae(m.flexor accessories)