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Фармакология Classification of forms of dyshydrias
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Pure dyshydrias (elementary) Dyshydrations Extracellular
Hyperhydrations Extracellular
Associated dyshydrias (complex) Extracellular hyperhydration with cellular dehydration
Extracellular dehydration with cellular hyperhydration

On admission of patient to the hospital it is necessary to determine a deficit of fluid by the formulas:

Where: FD — fluid deficit,

HtN — normal hematocrit,

Htf — patient's hematocrit (factual),

mk — patient's mass in kg.

After a replenishment of fluid deficit, correction of hemohydrobalance is carried out by the data of liquids supplied to the organism (i/v, per os) and losses both physiologic (urine, perspiration) and pathologic (vomiting, drainages, blood loss). A positive balance is allowed, but no more than 100 ml for 24 hours.